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An Internet Dictionary

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The computer industry and the Internet are adding new words everyday to our language. Learn the meaning of these new terms in words you can understand.
A Tip Before You Begin
This Internet Dictionary is easy to use. To find what you are looking for, click on the first letter of any word you want to find.
If you need more information, click on the highlighted words that appear in this dictionary. You will jump to another definition or a window will pop up in this screen.
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WAV is a type of audio files. The file extension is .wav.
Web, the
An abbreviation for the World Wide Web. All the world's computers joined or linked in a giant web. Like a web, there are many ways or paths along the spider's web to reach the same place. This means that even if part of the Web is down or is not working, information can travel a different path to the user.
Web site
A Web site is an organization or individual's linked Web pages, including a home page or index page. Visit Whatis.com, an online dictionary, for more information on Web site.
  1. The person who creates the text and images on a Web site and/or
  2. The person who manages the Web server and does the programming to maintain the Web site. Visit Whatis.com, an online dictionary, for more information on Webmaster.
A separate viewing area on a computer screen . A window may appear as a blank screen, a computer program display, a software program in action or a Web page.
WinZip is a software program that compresses and decompresses Windows 95, 3.1 and NT files. Compressing a file makes it smaller. Decompressing is opening a zipped file. The smaller zipped files are sent quicker than a larger program file on the Internet. Visit Whatis.com, an online dictionary, for more information on WinZip.
word processor
A computer program that lets the user create, write, edit, manipulate and save text and images.
World Wide Web
Also called The Web or WWW. A cyberspace world linking people and computers where text, sound, pictures, icons, video and virtual reality exist. Clicking on hyperlinks on Web pages lets the user travel the World Wide Web.
An abbreviation for the World Wide Web. Also called W3. A world of information links where the computer user decides what to see and do and where to go. This universe links resources and information with users around the world. Clicking on hyperlinks lets the user travel the World Wide Web.

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