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An Internet Dictionary

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The computer industry and the Internet are adding new words everyday to our language. Learn the meaning of these new terms in words you can understand.
A Tip Before You Begin
This Internet Dictionary is easy to use. To find what you are looking for, click on the first letter of any word you want to find.
If you need more information, click on the highlighted words that appear in this dictionary. You will jump to another definition or a window will pop up in this screen.
When you are through viewing the pop-up window, click anywhere in this main screen to make it temporarily disappear. To permanently close it, click on boxed X in the upper right hand corner of the pop-up window.

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What users do in chat rooms. Typically, users type group e-mail, read and respond to each other's messages.
An abbreviation for Transmission Control Protocol/Internet Protocol. A set of rules that establish how data transmits between two computers over the Internet. Visit Whatis.com, an online dictionary, for more information on TCP/IP.
A set of instructions that offers a way to log into and work from another computer. This allows the user to work in a remote computer system. Telnet lets authorized users access Internet services not available on their own computers. Visit Whatis.com, an online dictionary, for more information on Telnet.
An abbreviation for Tag Image File Format, a file format used for storing image files. Visit Whatis.com, an online dictionary, for more information on TIFF.
Words written on a computer screen.

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