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Just for Fun

Ever wonder What's Cool? Discover what the folks at Yahoo! think is cool. Would you believe bad fads, misheard lyrics, totally useless pages and the CIA for kids?

Mr. Showbiz has the latest entertainment news and celebrity gossip. Enjoy music, movie and television news, exclusive interviews and weird games.

Meet the players, get the latest scores and statistics on your favorite teams at

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Strange Science

Hitchhike around the galaxy, dodge titanic icebergs and explore a volcano from the inside out with The Discovery Channel

NEW! Imagine a trip to the top of the world where America's top climbers pit themselves against the highest and most unforgiving mountain in the world. How do they cope with the wind, the ice, the snow and the altitude? Find out at theMountain Zone Everest '98.

What is the fastest sneeze on record?. Does food reach your stomach if you are standing on your head? Discover the answers to these and other fascinating questions at The Human Body, An Online Tour.

Put a little magic and mystery in your life at Grand Illusions, "The site for the enquiring mind."

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Colleges and Career Planning

Need help with writing a research paper for high school or college? Want to figure out what you want to be when you grow up? Looking for ideas on how to have fun this summer? Check out the Internet Public Library's Teen Division Originals.

JobWeb is the place for college students to find information on jobs and career opportunities.

Search the Internet to find scholarships to college. Use fastWEB. Enter information about yourself and receive a list of scholarships for which you may qualify. Avoid any Web sites that charge for this free service. Students should avoid any search service that guarantees results.

If you still need financial information for college, visit the Financial Aid Information Page for a comprehensive list of financial aid sites for students.

Apply to college electronically. More than 800 colleges register students electronically. POLARIS, a publisher of college guides, lets students ask questions of teachers, counselors and admissions offices.

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Colors of the Rainbow

Visit a site designed for and by teens. Plugged In is a non-profit group dedicated to bringing educational opportunities and new technologies to children and families in low-income communities.

Check out their Web project on Famous Black Inventors.

Discover the true history of women, minorities and miners who followed their golden dreams to the California gold fields at the Sacramento Bee's Gold Rush.

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Our Internet Policy: Attention Parents! To protect everyone's right to freedom of information, we do not monitor anyone's use of the Internet. We do not restrict the information or images you or your teens see. You and your teenager's access to the Internet are your responsibility.

We have no control over the accuracy, reliability, usefulness or quality of information you find on the Internet. Here are our favorite Web sites for teens. We welcome your suggestions.

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