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Parents And Teachers

New Moms and Dads | Raising Happy, Healthy Children
Helping Children Learn | Resources for Teachers
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New Moms and Dads

Mothers-To-Be can learn all about the life growing within them. Monitor your baby month by month at Olen's Pregnancy site. Receive common sense tips and health care advice.

If you are expecting and need help picking out the perfect name for a baby, visit The Babynamer. Pick from 18,000 names and learn the special meaning behind each name.

Raising Happy, Healthy Children

Learn what every parent needs to know about keeping kids healthy from the 24 hour-a-day KidsDoctor. Search for childhood illness and learn health tips from a practicing pediatrician.

Parents can learn how to cope with child raising issues including behavior, development, discipline, single and step parents at Family.Com Parenting.

Two world travelers voyage around the world to visit sick children and post their touching stories on a very special Web site. Ocean Friends: The Voyage. They hope their stories will help other sick children facing similar challenges and inspire others.

Plan fun activities for your kids at Disney's online magazine, Select from parties, arts and crafts, sports, indoors or outdoors and the child's age to find Disney's top picks for fun.

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Helping Children Learn

A kid-safe place to find homework help, tips on keeping kids safe, information about education and fun activities for kids and teens. The Kids on the Web

Home school parents and educators can search Family magazine's archives for information on home school, homework, special needs, gifted and teaching the basics. Jump to Family.Com Education.

Determine college costs. Visit Financial Aid Calculators to figure out how much you need to save for college.

Apply to college electronically. More than 800 colleges register students electronically. POLARIS, a publisher of college guides, enables students to pose questions to teachers, counselors and admissions offices.

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Resources for Teachers

The top online education sites on the Web are at the Internet Public Library, including educational software, lesson plans and the Best Education Sites.

Discover a one-stop resource for busy teachers, The Global SchoolNet Foundation. Find the best K-12 Internet projects, enter contests to win free software for your school and link to useful educational sites.

Stop by The Global SchoolNet For Teachers and Parents to find information on professional development, Web projects and programs, and a Web tutorial.

Visit Education World, where educators go to learn. Pick up ideas on curriculum, books, and lesson plans. Discover what top schools around the world are doing.

Share resources with other teachers at Teachers Helping Teachers. Find a wealth of Educational Resources on the Web.

Uncover a Web of On-line Dictionaries, including 500 dictionaries in 140 different languages.

Explore Hot Internet Sites in Español for an impressive list of teacher resources for teaching Spanish in elementary and secondary classrooms.

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Our Internet Policy: To protect everyone's right to freedom of information, we do not monitor anyone's use of the Internet. We do not restrict the information or images you or your children see. You and your child's access to the Internet are your responsibility. We have no control over the accuracy, reliability, usefulness or quality of information you find on the Internet. These are our favorite Web sites for parents and teachers. We welcome your suggestions.

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