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Just for Funtweety bird

Tease your brain, puzzle your pencil and laugh at belly-busting jokes at Squigly's Playhouse.

Explore the world around you, meet amazing animals, play games, read comics and get help with your homework at Yahooligans, the web guide for kids.

The Animal Planet web site boasts all animals all the time. Kids can find anything from aardvark to zebra at the Animal Planet

Nickelodeon has games, contests, a magazine and the latest information about shows on the kid's network.

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Travel Around the World

Discover Tales of Wonder, Folk and Fairy Tales from Around the World. Read our favorite stories featuring African, Irish, Japan, Native American, Russian folk tales.

Roll down the track with Thomas The Tank Engine and Friends. Play a guessing game, take a trip with Thomas and travel with real trains around the world.

Travel down under and find out how to sail a land yacht in Australia with some fifth and sixth graders at the Wangaratta Primary School.

Discover how much you weigh on other planets, take a space quiz and unscramble spacy pictures at NASA's Kid's Space

Meet some real life adventurers who are sailing around the world to meet hospitalized children. The sailboat, Elusive, will visit Australia, Kenya, Morocco and Tahiti. At each stop, Ocean Friends. They will share their stories online to help other sick children who may be facing similar challenges and inspire you. Track their journey and see the world through their eyes.

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TV Shows and

It's Space Ghost and his cartoon friends coast to coast on theCartoon Network. Play games with your favorite cartoon characters.

Meet the players, get the latest scores and statistics on your favorite teams at

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Our Internet Policy: Attention Parents! To protect everyone's right to freedom of information, we do not monitor anyone's use of the Internet. We do not restrict the information or images you or your children see. You and your child's access to the Internet are your responsibility.

We have no control over the accuracy, reliability, usefulness or quality of information you find on the Internet. These are our favorite Web sites for kids. We welcome your suggestions.

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