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An Internet Dictionary

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The computer industry and the Internet are adding new words everyday to our language. Learn the meaning of these new terms in words you can understand.
A Tip Before You Begin
This Internet Dictionary is easy to use. To find what you are looking for, click on the first letter of any word you want to find.
If you need more information, click on the highlighted words that appear in this dictionary. You will jump to another definition or a window will pop up in this screen.
When you are through viewing the pop-up window, click anywhere in this main screen to make it temporarily disappear. To permanently close it, click on boxed X in the upper right hand corner of the pop-up window.

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The I-shaped pointer in a window indicates where typing begins. Moving and clicking the mouse or pressing keys on the keyboard moves the I-beam. From that point, the user can select text or graphics or enter text.
A little picture or button on the computer screen. Click on an icon to make the computer do something.
A picture.
image map
A picture, photo or drawing divided into different areas that link to other information, Web pages or Web sites. Click on different parts of an image to instantly jump to other location. For example, click on a map of the U.S. and jump to a link to a U.S. city.
A list of Internet sites categorized by subject or topic. The user browses these topic areas or searches using keywords to find the information. Yahoo, at http:// . . , is an index.
Information Superhighway
A term used by the media to describe the Internet.
An international computer network of networks that connect government, academic and business institutions.
An abbreviation for Internet Protocol. A set of rules that addresses the data information packet sent from one computer to another. Visit Whatis.com, an online dictionary, for more information on IP.
IP address
An abbreviation for Internet Protocol address. Each number address identifies which computer is sending and which computer is receiving information on the Internet. Visit Whatis.com, an online dictionary, for more information on IP address.
An abbreviation for Internet Relay Chat. Chat with other people around the world through the Internet. Everyone types on a shared computer screen where group or private messages appear for viewing. Visit Whatis.com, an online dictionary, for more information on IRC.
An abbreviation for Integrated Services Digital Network. A high-speed telephone line that carries voice, data and video information on the same channel. Visit Whatis.com, an online dictionary, for more information on ISDN.
An abbreviation for Internet Service Provider. An organization or individual businessman offering a way to connect to the Internet. Visit Whatis.com, an online dictionary, for more information on ISP.

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