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Good Buys

Discover what other smart travelers have already learned. You can often find the lowest prices for airline tickets, hotel rooms and rental cars online. Search for the cheapest price or the most convenient departure time. Pay for your tickets on line or via telephone. Here are our travel favorite sites.
  • Name the price you are willing to pay for airline tickets and get the best deal possible online at
  • Travelocity, a popular online travel agency serving vacation travelers.
  •, Microsoft's site.
  • Travel Guides, find family-friendly bed and breakfast inns around the world.
  •, a guide to bed and breakfasts in the United States.
  •, small bed and breakfast inns here and abroad.

The Awesomely Useful Guide To Where To Buy Computer Products. This site compares over a million prices from major computer stores online in the United States and Canada. A U.S. News & World Report Top Pick Web site. has no stores, but it sells most of the books on the Internet. You may save as much as 40% off.

Kelley Blue Book provides information on used car values and new car prices. Find out what your car is worth before you trade it in or sell it.

Find your tire size and get purchasing and safety information from Goodyear.

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Healthy, Wealthy and Wise

Achoo, the Internet Healthcare Directory links you to more than 7,000 Web sites. Professionals and consumers can easily search the site for any topic in Human Health and Disease, Organizations and the latest health news.

Ask Dr. Weil fields questions about holistic medicine and provides tips for healthy living.

If you want to be wealthy, pay yourself first. Even $5/week in savings could grow by as much as $103,797 for retirement according to Fidelity Investments (8% interest compounded over 25 years).

Discover how life events may affect your financial situation. Visit EnWisen's Life Events on marriage, buying and selling a home, moving, disability, adoption, children, college, divorce, retirement, and aging parents.

Plan your future. Know where your money is going. Estimate your retirement, insurance needs, federal taxes, monthly budgets, college costs, mortgage, car financing, and loans at EnWisen's secure Web site,Calculators.

Compute your body mass. Type in your height and weight and find out what your ideal weight should be at Are You HWP (Height and Weight Proportional)?

California On Your Mind

Get the facts on the California legislature and a voter guide at the California Voter Foundation.

Learn everything you wanted to know about Sacramento at the Official Sacramento Home Page.

Discover Sacramento and its neighbors at Find all the news, , local history, tips about favorite restaurants and fun things to do to make you feel welcome to Sacramento.

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Seek and Find

If you want to find someone and know their name, start with a white pages site that searches phone books and e-mail addresses all over the world. The best-known Web sites are Switchboard, Four11, and WhoWhere?

If you still cannot find someone, try Look Smart's Missing Persons.

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Our Internet Policy: To protect everyone's right to freedom of information, we do not monitor anyone's use of the Internet. We do not restrict the information or images you see. Your access to the Internet is your responsibility.

We have no control over the accuracy, reliability, usefulness or quality of information you find on the Internet. Here are our favorite Web sites for consumers. We welcome your suggestions.

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