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Resources for Business

Get innovative information on business, computing, entertainment, and travel on Snap! Online. Find what you need quickly at MSNBC, Time Warner, ESPN, and CNN at this well organized site.

The Wall Street Journal Interactive Edition Small Business Suite focuses on issues confronting small business owners. Explore a list of Web sites to help entrepreneurs find assistance, information and customers.

Need to find a new supplier or business partner? Search for any U.S. business in The Yellow Pages.

If you are dealing with an overseas business or a non-English speaking customer, bring your translation question to the Web of On-line Dictionaries. It boasts 500 dictionaries in 140 different languages.

Before you mail that package, figure domestic and international postage rates for all mail using postage rate calculators at the United States Postal Services.

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Business travelers can find the nearest ATM at home, at the airport or abroad. Provide your address and receive ATM locations, including addresses, hours or operations and a map at VISA.

Know before you go. Type in the name of your airport and instantly link to that airport's Web page at the Airport Search Engine. Learn about land transportation, parking, terminal maps, hotels, and rental cars. Pilots can get detailed AirNav statistics for your flight plan, flight path obstructions, runway direction and dimensions and radio aids for navigating.

Internet travel agencies offer detailed maps, advice on where to stay and where to eat.
Biztravel.comhelps business travelers maximize their frequent flier awards by combining hotels, rental car and airline frequent flier miles. The site tracks your frequent flier miles and provides city information and travel tips.

Search for the cheapest fares, convenient flight t , otel rooms and rental cars. Type in where you want to go and when and the computer will supply an itinerary. Order meals and pay for your tickets online or via telephone at Travelsites Report for business travelers.

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Employers and Employees

JobWeb links jobs, job seekers and job-search information. Businesses can post jobs to find qualified candidates or locate businesses on the Web.

Large and small business owners need to know how the latest tax rules affect their business. Get the facts from the IRS at their Web site, Tax Info for Business.

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Our Internet Policy: To protect everyone's right to freedom of information, we do not monitor anyone's use of the Internet. We do not restrict the information or images you see. Your access to the Internet is your responsibility.

We have no control over the accuracy, reliability, usefulness or quality of information you find on the Internet. These are our favorite Web sites for business. We welcome your suggestions.

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